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I had no issues with Spotify on my iPhone5 with the 3g signal. Now it seems like after the 4g upgrade, I have been experiencing cut-offs on Spotify. I have tried everything from re-install App to change Sound Quality, and keeps on cutting off. Pandora too! so Im assuming its on Simple mobile, for Simple people, but now it has really been frustrating, if there is no way to low their signal to iPhones, I guess I'll have to change provider. Is there any way I can upgrade my signal? zip code 33064. 

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Re: Spotify

Are you saying that you switched plans?  Are you on one of the LTE plans?  If so, those plans should work as well or better than the existing plans.  I took a look at the T-Mobile coverage map for your Zip Code (Simple uses T-Moble's network) and it looks like you are in an excellent coverage zone.  


One possibility is that you have already used all the 4G data allotment in your plan (1GB, 3GB or 5GB depending on plan) and that you are now on EDGE.  That would definitely explain your experience.