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Nano simcard for iphone5



I got iphone5 unlocked international phone, for that i need nano simcard. Please let me know how to get it.


My address:


Pittsburgh, PA 15220.


Mo: 412 944 9779.


Note: I have asked nearest dealers but they don't have nano simcards.




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Re: Nano simcard for iphone5

Simple Mobile doesn't have Nano SIM cards.  Hopefully they will make them soon.  


I've heard that some people are cutting down normal SIM's, but you have to be really careful or they won't work.  Way harder than cutting down from a regular SIM to a Micro.

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Re: Nano simcard for iphone5

i did cut by myslef, it was very easy,only took me 2 mins.go to this website:


dowload the file    :how_to_cut_sim_to_nanosim_for_iphone_5.pdf


and it will show u how.