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how much do a sim card cost

how much do a sim card cost at the shop? do i need to bring a id with me to the shop wen i buy a sim card? what should i bring?am i suppost to pay montly at the same moment? would my phone work as soon as i buy a sim card?

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Re: how much do a sim card cost

The cost of a SIM card differs from place to place, but is usually between $15-$25.  You will also need to purchase airtime ($40 or $50 for a 30-day plan).  Once you have that, then you can activate your phone.  Most dealers will charge you to activate & program your device.  You can also do it yourself online pretty easily for free.  


You don't need an ID - no contracts, no ID, nothing to sign up for. 

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Re: how much do a sim card cost

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On ebay I purshased my Simple Mobile micro sim card for $0.99 with free shipping, sent by First Class Mail.

Sim cards cost the same.

Plan pin number are also available on eBay. Simple Mobile plans with a free sim or micro sim card are on eBay also.  

You can purchase together or apart, the sim cards and the plans. is great also.