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How can I change my mobile number

Change number
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Re: How can I change my mobile number

If you have a Simple Mobile account, call customer service to 611 or 1.877.878.7908 then ask for a new phone number.


If you want to port or transfer your phone number from another carrier then:


For new activations or number porting:


For new activations go to to activate your sim card to be used with your phone. The day you activate the sim card with also a monthly plan is the day that you month begins.


Port or porting is to transfer your current phone number to the new carrier.

If you want to port your current phone number, don't activate online. Call Simple Mobile for porting, Simple Mobile representatives are very nice and helpful

PLEASE NOTE: This activation page is for NEW Simple Mobile numbers. 

To bring over your EXISTING number, please call :  877-878-7908.



If you want to transfer your current phone number from your current phone carrier to Simple Mobile:


Call customer service of your current phone carrier to confirm the following information.

1. Your actual phone account number, if you had a contract this number is on the papers.

2. Your PIN (personal identification number) or password of your account.

3. If you have a prepaid phone you can port your number, call your carrier and ask your account number and pin.

They should give you the information by law, you can check the FCC page online for more information. 

I ported my number from Virgin Mobile and that is a non contract carrier (Sprint).


You will need also:

Verify that you have phone coverage in your area with Simple Mobile, Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile network.

1. Simple Mobile sim or micro sim card and a GSM phone that works with Simple Mobile.

2. Simple Mobile Phone plan pin.

3. Don't activate the sim and plan online. Call Simple Mobile to transfer your number.


Read this to save money:


You need a unlocked gsm phone, T-Mobile phones work locked, because Simple Mobile runs on T-Mobile Network.


Also you need a SIM card or micro SIM card and a plan pin.

You can get the plan + sim card (or micro sim card) from for less money.

That is the plan pin with a free sim card or micro sim and don't have to pay any tax.


When you became a Simple Mobile customer, don't reup your plan with a credit card, if you use a credit card on your account, then you will pay taxes. Go to or to purchase you plan cards and always pay less that the full price and without tax charges. - Is better for sim cards or micro sim cards + plan pins.

pincheap - For reup (After purchasing the sim and the plan at, go to to purchase the plan pins for less money than in, at pincheap the $50 plan cost $48.00 and the $40 plan is cheaper too.



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Re: How can I change my mobile number

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Re: How can I change my mobile number

Holly22 wrote:
Change number

If you are interested to change your phone number within your network means,call to your service provider.They will provide your new phone number.If you want to change your phone number from one to another network means,Before select your carrier make sure your phone is unlocked.If it's locked by single network,you will need to unlock your phone.For unlocking you can appraoch your service provider or else  try to buy an unlocking service from any one  of the online unlocking service provider like