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my internet is not working

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Re: my internet is not working

Check to make sure you are provisioned with a data plan. Because internet is a data feature, Simple Mobile talk/text only plans do not provide it. 


If you are using the $25 plan, you cannot use internet as a data plan is required. When your current plan expires, upgrade your plan to one of the data plans that SIMPLE Mobile offers. If you are already using a data plan and internet does not appear to be working, please contact Customer Support.


If you're provisioned with a data plan, make sure your phone is accurately programmed. You can find Simple Mobile phone programming guides here


You can contact Customer Service for help at 611 or 1.877.878.7908

Or by sending an email to

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Re: my internet is not working

I have the $40 plan

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Re: my internet is not working

Me too, I have the $40 unlimited talk / text and 1G Data, i have the same problem, it was working fine and all the sudden, it stopped working from the new start day and now it will pop up with tmobile screen saying that "You data plan does not work on this device, click here to sign up for a new data plan" But I am not with tmobile now so what can i do?


I contacted simplemobile tech over the phone, they don't know what is going on and they don't even try to spend time to resolve the problem.


Please someone here can help!!


I am using Tmobile Galaxy S3 and it's unlocked.


I have been using SimpleMobile for many years and I tried put the sim to different tmobile phone it came out the same pop up  so I am sure it's not a phone problem.


It is the network itself blocking the Data, there must be something related to the recently released Tmobile's new data plan that's why the network sense the simplemobile plan is not suitable to use since SimpleMobile is sharing/leasing with Tmobile network tower.


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Re: my internet is not working

the same thing is happening to me. if i am on wifi, the internet will work but if i am just using the simple mobile service, i cannot use the internet or apps and my imessage doesn't work. my texting and calling works, but that's it.