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Simple Mobile & T-Mobile 4G LTE

With T-Mobile getting ready to turn on their 4G LTE network (It  has reportedly already been turned on in Las Vegas, Denver, San Diego, Kansas  City, San Jose, Seattle, New Orleans and NYC .), does this mean that 4G LTE will be available for Simple Mobile customers in the markets in which T-Mobile offers it?   The new BlackBerry Z10 will be compatible with their 4G LTE network (I would assume that the Q10 [Which has been rumored to being offered by T-Mobile in May] and other upcoming BB10 devices will as well if T-Mobile offers them.). 

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Re: Simple Mobile & T-Mobile 4G LTE

It is more likely for Simple Mobile to get 4G LTE as well. Due to Simple Mobile running on T-Mobile towers, Simple Mobile will benifit from whatever T-Mobile has. For example, with T-Mobile's refraiming HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band which benifited Simple Mobile as well.