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Why can't I send/receive text messages?

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I can place/receive voice calls on my phone running Android 4.1.1m but I am unable to send/receive text messages. I built the Simple Mobile APN into the phone, but there was no change. I even set the message delivery notification on, and it tells me the message has been deleivered to the recipient, but the person never actually receives it.


I received the intial welcome text messages from Simple Mobile, so why can't I send/receive text messages?


Edit: Correction...
Once I turned on mssg delivery verification, my SMS text messages were received. And it works with the default APN or the Simple one I built per instructions. However, I am still unable to receive text messages. I can also connect to the internet, so it is beyond me why I cannot receive text messages. I have the $40 Unlimited plan.

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Re: Why can't I send/receive text messages?

Check this ...


Also check that in the Simple Mobile APN is the default, in the instructions the APN Type can't be left blank.

In the step 6 you have to write the APN Type: default,supl,mms,admin


If this part is left blank, the phone will not set this new APN as default.

You have to set a new default for the APN

If the APN TYPE is left blank the phone will go to the default that is one of the T-Mobile locked APNs.


There is no problem with the update or the phone you should “tell” the phone that you want to make the new APN simple Mobile settings the default and that instruction is the APN Type: default,supl,mms,admin



If the problem persists ...


This problem can occasionally happen when the phone loses synchronization with the SMS servers on the network. Switching your phone off, removing the battery for 30 seconds and starting the phone up again will often fix the problem. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support at 877. 878. 7908. SIMPLE Mobile does not support premium short code texting at this time.



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Re: Why can't I send/receive text messages?

i have same problem but not with all some numbers inside or outside US can't receive my T.SMS