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Short Codes

When I have tried to enter contest or vote on something and it has a short code I get the following error, "free mesg: unable to send message - message blocking is active", why am I getting this??? If this uses the same service as T-Mobile then I shouldn't get this error, I tested this last night with a T-Mobile phone and it worked fine from that  phone.. 


So what gives,??? Do I need to call and have it removed or ??? can someone give me some feed back on this.. 




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Re: Short Codes

simple does not suport short codes for any texting.

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Re: Short Codes

From what I'm told, they are working on getting all short codes approved but it is a very long approval process with T-Mobile & the short code aggregators. They do support their own (848484) Facebook short code, Google (GOOG) and twitter.

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