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New Activation - "Invalid/In Use SIM" / "bad" PIN

Maybe I did something backwards, but I can't activate this account.  I just received my SIM and PIN today.  I put my SIM card in the phone and booted up.  After manually programming the APN, I realized I probably had to activate the SIM with simplemobile.


However, when I try to do this online, it tells me the SIM I am entering is "Invalid" and it tells me the PIN is "bad".  I tried calling the number and it just loops over and over when it comes time to enter the SIM ("Invalid or in use").



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Re: New Activation - "Invalid/In Use SIM" / "bad" PIN

Today, I had the same problem. I ordered 40$ plan from this website, when I try to activate it online, it says Invalid SIM.

I called customer service, and they checked their database and they couldn't find it. I also provided ORder Number but no luck. The supervisor on the phone said that I might bought it from fake/fraud website that similar to this website. But I am 100% sure I bought it from this website, and I have their confirmation email which domain's is from

I am still not be able to activate it. I really frustrated with that. It is very unprofessional..

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Re: New Activation - "Invalid/In Use SIM" / "bad" PIN

I'm having the exact same issue ... definitely a problem with the system if this many people are having problems. I'm also not very happy with how long the delivery took, and now I can't even activate what I paid for? Garbage.